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What are type beats? Type beats are instrumentals that have been catered to a specific artist. For example if you go on youtube and type in “type beat” pretty much every artist will come up. From Chief Keef type beat, Young Thug Type Beat, Future type beat, Drake type beat to Clams Casino type beat. You can pretty much search any artist and their type beat will pop up. Type beats is the easier way for a rapper or musician to connect to a producer. All the rapper has to say is “do you have any drake type beats?” and all the producer would have to reply is simply yes or no. I honestly think its a good time saving approach when looking for beats or instrumentals. It cuts out all the unnecessary inquiries some artists or rappers seem to request or search for when they’re looking for a specific type of beat.

Home Studio Setup Checklist

Budget-Based Equipment Guide

Sidenotes: 1. Mac vs. PC: By default, Macs are generally more reliable with handling audio. However, it all depends on what's inside of your system. I actually use PC because I prefer the Windows operating system. I just made sure I put in it what it takes to process audio proficiently (24 GB RAM, Intel Core i-7, 500 GB SSD System Drive, 4TB worth of extra space). You don't need all of that to get started though. 2. Vocal Booth/Recording Environment: Your recording environment (vocal booth) cannot be assessed/treated through a general studio setup checklist. However, it is vital to having a clean sound. While I do recommend "Reflxion Filters" from Se Electronics to help, they are only supplements to your environment and do not completely take care of your acoustic space. Be sure that you are recording in an area that is isolated from outside noise (insulated and padded with 'studio foam' preferably). Check out this video on how to make a low-budget vocal booth. For complete vocal booth systems (pricey), I highly suggest vocalbooth.com. 3. Plug: All links are to Sweetwater.com. I don't make anything off of this. They just have AWESOME customer service and I swear by them. I would be remiss if I did not send you there as well!

Small Budget:

1. DAW/Interface - Pro Tools Bundle ($1,000) 2. Microphone - Audio Technica AT2020 ($99) 3. Monitors - JBL LSR305 5" ($300) 4. Sound Isolator - Se Electronics Reflxion Filter X ($120) 5. Computer - Anything with 4 GB RAM+, 500 GB+ HD, 7200 RPM Speed on HD, Core i-5 processor+ (~$450-$800) 6. Headphones - M-Audio MTH 50 ($100) Total Investment: ~$2,300 ~$1,700 without computer  

Medium Budget:

1. DAW/Interface - Pro Tools Bundle ($1,000) 2. Microphone - Se Electronics 2200a ($300) - ($3,000 value...literally... I have one & it's awesome) 3. Monitors - KRK Rokit 6's ($400) 4. Sound Isolator - Se Electronics Reflxion Filter Pro ($350) 5. Computer - Anything with 6 GB RAM+, 750 GB+ HD, 7200 RPM Speed on HD, Core i-5 processor+ (~$600-$1,000) 6. Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro ($230) Total Investment: ~$3,000 ~$2,200 without computer  

Large Budget:

1. DAW: Pro Tools ($700) 2. Interface: RME Fireface UCX ($1,600) 3. Preamp/Compressor: Universal Audio 6176 ($2,500) 4. Microphone - Neumann U87 ($3,600) 5. Monitors - Focal Solo6 Be ($1,350) 6. Sound Isolator - Se Electronics SPACE ($400) 7. Computer - Anything with 8 GB RAM+, 1 TB+ HD (SSD Preferably), 7200 RPM Speed on HD, Core i-7 processor+ ($1,500+) 8. Headphones - AKG K812's ($1,500) Total Investment: ~$13,000  ~$11,500 without computer   Questions? Comment below so


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