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Fat Joe Going to Jail

Fat Joe explains the origins of his current legal troubles and talks about the peacemaking process with the G-Unit founder, says "I have no beef, no ill feelings, no nothing with 50 Cent.

fat joe jail

Hip Hop Emcee Fat Joe has been hit with a four month prison sentence because of tax evasion that he commited over two years. The rapper pled guilty to the charges last December. 

Fat Joe explained that his lontime accountant had retired after a  family tragedy. He hired a new accountant and was wiring him money to pay all of his bills, taxes. Fat Joe would consistantly ask his accountant if everything was on track and his accountant would reply "yes everything is cool". 

Later Fat Joe would go to purchase a new vehicle and recieved the bad news when the dealership ran his credit report. Appearantly none of his bills were being paid, including his mortgage, cars and more. Given that his period of nonpayment of taxes lasted for two years, Fat Joe and another new accountant eventually approached the IRS themselves. The IRS told him, "'You still owe 60 [thousand],'” Fat Joe said. “So I wrote a check right quick for the $60,000.”
The Terror Squad CEO and founding member said that before penalties, he “wound up spending like [$1.2 million] in the end. And I’m not Jay Z or none of that. And penalties was on top of that. After you pay them off, they hit you with, ‘Surprise!’”

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