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After I came home from the studio the other night ,  I decided to hop on the internet and browse for some fresh new beats to use on my current album that I have been working on for the past year. After searching for a several hours I came across this one particular website that caught my eye or should i say my ears, it's called Grizzlybeatz. I'm so excited that I found  this amazing site because it features the fresh material that i was searching for. These beats were all that I was missing and keeping me from getting discovered. They had so many beats to choose from, were talking hundreds.Honestly I felt like a child in a candy store, there were plenty to choose from it was so hard not to spend all my money buy all of them. Many of them our soulful and very deep and heartfelt, this happened to be the style i was looking for in particular. They also had some beats that were very energetic, fast tempo, club type of beats. They had beats to match any style for any artist.   

That night i  had purchased several beats from them, which they give you a discount for buying more than one at a time. Which is a plus. Ordering my beats was very easy.  I simply had to click the beat to hear it, add it to my cart, and clicked the "Buy Now" button. The system then took me to the payment page where I had the option to pay through PayPal Direct Transfer, PayPal credit/debit card or Paypal eCheck. Third, a link was then given to me after I confirm payment and voila! I may now download the audio files that I ordered! Told you it's easy. Then there's a plus too! You can be a Featured Artist in the site as well. All you have to do is submit your recorded song and after Grizzly reviews the song and find it to be of great quality, you will be featured in the site!

These beats are top quality and will get you noticed. Unlike some of these other beatsites on the internet. So if you are looking for beats be sure to check them out. Below is their beat catalog. 

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