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Big Sean Says He has A lot in Common with Eminem

Being from Detroit was always an element that had Big Sean fans wondering if he'd ever collaborate with the D's most notable rap alum.
In April, hope and speculation was ended when Big Sean and Eminem hit the studio together and recorded material; an occurrence that had the Hip Hop world buzzing. 
Speaking with MTV News recently, Sean said that his collabo with Eminiem will be a "Detroit Classic" and that the two had a lot in common.
"We talked for a few hours before we even worked on music," Sean said. "I was telling him my stories about how we were performing all around downtown Detroit and [it turned out that] he was performing in the same places."
Even outside of music the two had similar tales about their younger years.
"It was funny because every story I told him about how I lost a lot of friends, relationships and girls... and [how I've] made new friends, he was like, 'Man, it's crazy, because every story you telling me, I got the exact same story just in a different way.'"
The next single from Sean's upcoming sophomore release, Hall of Fame is expected to be released on June 19.

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